Where is the marathon held?
St. Michael-Albertville Senior High School Field House located at 5800 Jamison Ave NE, St Michael, MN 55376.  The race is contested on the indoor track of the St. Michael Albertville High School field house. 
Where do I register?
Click here

When / what time does it start?
Sunday, November 25, 2018 | 7:00 AM
How many laps does it take to complete?
The indoor track is 200 meters in length.  Each marathoner will complete 211 laps (211 laps X 200 meters = 42,200 meters).  This is technically five meters longer than a marathon, but it will allow for the start and finish line for all marathoners to be located in the same place. 

The half marathoners will start the race on the exact opposite side of the course from the marathoners and will finish at the same finish line as the marathoners.  This means that all half marathoners will complete 105.5 laps (105.5 laps X 200 meters = 21,100 meters).  This will technically be 2.5 meters longer than a marathon but it will allow for all participants to finish at the same location.  Once a half marathoner has completed the first half lap and crosses the finish line, they will then begin counting their laps as that will be the start of lap number one (knowing that they already have the half lap in the bank). 
The 10k will start and finish at the Start/Finish Line along with the marathoners (and 5k participants).  You'll complete 50 laps to call yourself a MIM 10k Finisher and we suspect you'll love every minute of it.

The 5k event will also start and finish at the Start/Finish Line, just like the marathoners and 10k participants.  Completing 25 laps will put you in the record books for the MIM 5k as a finisher and you'll be done early enough to hit the stores for some holiday shopping.      
When and where is packet pick-up?
Sunday, November 25, 2018 from 5:45 AM-7:00 AM at the St. Michael-Albertville Senior High School Field House
What is the parking like?
There is plenty of parking right outside the door from the marathon course. 
How are laps counted?
Each participant will have their own dedicated lap counter/s.  You will coordinate with your lap counter so that each of your laps will be counted.  These lap counters also serve as your very own, personal cheering section. 
Is there a time limit?
Yes.  There is a seven hour time limit for the marathon and a seven hour time limit for the half marathon.
Is the MIM a Boston qualifier?
No.  The MIM is not a Boston Qualifier but it will be the most fun you’ll have that weekend.
Are there restrooms available for racers?
Yes.  Restrooms are just down the hall from the track. 
What kind of drinks, food and aid will be available?
We will have Lime Gatorade to dispense in to your personal water bottles.  We ask that every racer bring their own water bottles to cut down on spillage.  We will have tables set up in all four corners of the field house along the track for you to set your drinks, food and aid.  We will also have trash cans set up along the outside and inside of the track for you to use (throw tissue, Gu/Gel wrappers, spit, etc. into these trash cans please). We will have lube (petroleum jelly), band aids, etc. available during the race as well.
Will there be a timing clock?
Yes.  There will be a large digital clock near the Start/Finish line displaying the time during the entire race. 
What is the temperature like?
We are happy to report that the weather inside at the MIM will be 68 degrees and sunny for the entire race.  The average temperature in Minneapolis, MN on Thanksgiving is 32 degrees. 
What about the bling?
Your finisher’s medal is custom made specifically for the MIM.  Finish the race and then proudly display your bling to the world. 
What about the race shirts?
The 2017 MIM race shirt was a long sleeve, dry release performance shirt made from the finest synthetic materials.  You will receive your race shirt at packet pick-up.  All participants of the MIM, whether it be the marathon, half marathon, 10k or 5k will receive one of these awesome long sleeve shirts.
Are headphones permitted?
No.  We do not allow racers to wear headset during the event for safety reasons.  We will have a variety of music playing throughout the day.
Can we run with a baby joggers or pets?
No.  Due to the size of the venue and the limited amount of runners that the course can hold, we do not allow baby joggers or pets to accompany any of the racers during the event.
Is the marathon and half marathon course certified?
Not yet.  We intend on getting the course certified for the marathon and half marathon in the very near future.
What is the elevation of the course?
The elevation is a very flat 961 feet for the entire race. 
Is there a lottery to get in?
No.  The race is filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Our recommendation is to register early.
How is the MIM contested?
Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  Taking a page from the Zoom! Yah! Yah! Indoor Marathon play book, we will also change direction every 30 minutes.  Every participant will complete the lap that they are on when the announcement is made and then change direction.  This will be repeated every 30 minutes until all participants have completed their respective races.  
Are spectators welcome?
Yes.  Spectators are welcome.  There will be plenty of room to cheer racers on from the infield of the track. 
Are unregistered friends/family members allowed to run with race participants during the MIM?
No.  We want to leave as much track space as possible for all of the participants during the event.  This means that we do not allow any unregistered friend/family members to run alongside any racers.  We do however allow one friend/family member to run the final lap (the Victory Lap) with their racer in celebration of the racer’s achievement.
What hotels are near the race course?
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